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Cadet Scheme
The Scottish Gliding Centre is keen for young people to take up gliding as a sport and runs a subsidised Cadet scheme to encourage them. Cadets get a substantial reduction in their club membership and flying costs (see our price list for details), and are eligible for all of the benefits of full club membership. During the summer a 'cadet camp' holiday course is run at no additional charge. One of the club's directors, generally a senior instructor, takes responsibility for the Cadet Scheme and acts as a focus for all enquiries and operational matters. Every effort is made to fast-track the cadets to solo and onwards through the badge system and to those who wish, into local and national competition.

The Scottish Gliding Centre Cadet Scheme is open to people aged from 14 to 18 years of age and equally to members of either sex . A minimum standard of medical fitness is required but this is not demanding, and no particular level of physical fitness or technical ability is necessary. It is a popular scheme and there is at present a waiting list of from 6 to 12 months. To apply for a place in the Scheme you need to be under 18 years of age. Children under 14 years of age are not generally mature enough to handle the controls of a glider in the air but because of the waiting list it may be worth your while applying earlier than this.

Before being accepted onto the scheme or waiting list, prospective candidates must attend an interview at the airfield together with their parent or guardian. The club will be looking for a suitably mature attitude commensurate with the prospect of flying a glider solo, team spirit and of course keenness to learn to glide. If accepted into the scheme the cadet will be expected to attend regularly although allowance is of course made for other commitments such as school examinations and the like. Full information on the club and the scheme is given at the interview to the parent or guardian who must agree to be responsible for the cadet and for the management of his/her account. More detailed cadet scheme guidelines are here.

Apart from the obvious thrill of learning to fly, the benefits to the cadet are substantial reductions in membership and flying fees and the supervision of a dedicated senior instructor. The benefit to the club is the influx of new young members who will form the future of the Scottish gliding movement.

To apply, candidates must send a written application, complete with personal details and a summary of why they want to join to the Scottish Gliding Centre.

To date, most of the serious cadets have gone solo. Many of them have gained their bronze badge, with some also progressing to the silver badge.

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