Booked Flying

On Weekdays members can book whole days of instruction with the club’s staff instructor(s):

  • All bookings to be made through the office;
  • A booking fee* will be charged to the flying account of all students attending booked flying sessions;
  • A surcharge* will be applied to all launch and flying fees on these sessions;
  • The booked Flying sessions will be from 0900 to 1700 or less on shorter days throughout the year;
  • Throughout the summer (March to October) there will be 3 students per instructor;
  • During the shorter daylight hours from November to February there will be 2 students per instructor;
  • No booking fee will be payable if the student attends (or makes contact) and agrees with the instructor that the weather is un-flyable and ground school would not be productive;
  • A cancellation fee* will be chargeable in the event of cancellation by the student if we are unable to fill the slot (or in the event of no-show);
  • Students are expected to attend for the whole session. This is in order to allow them to work together as a team and achieve the maximum flying from the day;
  • When a booking is made for motor glider exercises, there will be a booking fee* and no flying surcharge will apply. This is necessary because the club is unable to cover any costs from flying fees, which are paid directly to the Dimona syndicate.
  • * For details of the current booking fee, surcharge and cancellation feeds contact the office.

Questions and Answers

What if it’s un-flyable?

Ground briefings will be organised by the professional instructor during un-flyable weather.

What if I use the services of a staff instructor on an ad-hoc basis?

A 15% surcharge on normal club launch and flying fees will apply.