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You will be aware of the challenges we all face from the Covid-19 virus. The BGA has given some guidance to clubs in how best to keep gliding going whilst keeping everyone safe.  The board is meeting regularly to consider the latest advice from the government and the BGA and will keep you up to date via the mailing list and forum as things develop.

Gliding is in general an isolated activity. However team work is required to deliver the activity and therefore we need to take appropriate precautions as well as consider the impact of these on our operations.  We intend to continue to fly but with a number of changes and restrictions to procedures as below.

All those planning to come to the Club should fully comply with current Government & NHS advice ( here and here  ) concerned with minimising the risk of catching or spreading the virus, and be considerate to the needs and concerns of others. If in any doubt individuals should not take unnecessary risks and should adopt the most prudent course of action.

  • Whilst on site members must fully comply with NHS guidance on hygiene and social interaction, especially whilst accessing any communal areas.
  • If NHS advice on self-isolation or staying at home applies to a member then they should either not come to the airfield or remove themselves immediately
  • In the interests of risk management, if a member contracts COVID-19 having been on site at any time during the preceding 14 days, we ask that they inform the Club. We will then help the member concerned to contact those that they might have come into close contact with whilst on site.

In addition, the Club has decided on the following measures with immediate effect and until further notice

  • All trial flights and professional instruction are suspended.
  • Solo, mutual flying and flying with a volunteer instructor in private or Club aircraft may continue provided all parties have discussed, assessed and accepted the health risks before each flight.
  • Crews should sanitise the cockpit of any glider flown thoroughly using the antiseptic wipes the Club will endeavour to provide, or using soap and damp cloths.
  • No duty pilots or instructors will be scheduled at weekend and all flying will be on an ad-hoc basis. Club aircraft will be allocated via RMS with instructors volunteering on it to fly an aircraft and the office will be able to help pupils make a reservation in the same way as booked flying is done.
  • The clubroom and catering are closed with immediate effect. The toilets and computers are available to use but no more than two people in the clubroom at a time.
  • Only one person is to be in the launch point caravan at a time.
  • Members of the public will not be permitted on the airfield and member’s guests will be limited to family members.
  • Visiting glider pilots will be allowed only with their own aircraft on a case-by-case, pre-agreed basis and on the understanding that there can be no guarantees on availability of launches.
  • Accommodation can be booked and used as normal but there will be no catering.
  • The office will be open during the normal, winter hours but will handle member enquires via telephone or email only. No one apart from office staff are to enter the office when it is open -if you need keys then knock on the door.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt guidance as required. We hope everyone and their friends and family stay well and we are able to get back to normal as soon as possible. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman or any other board member.