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Expeditions & Visitors

The SGC welcomes club expeditions and individuals from both the UK and overseas.  Some expeditions bring relatively low hours pilots, others come in search of wave for both height gain and cross country flying.

We are ideally situated to allow wave XC tasks away from the difficult landing terrain of the mountains.  Wave occurs in a number of wind directions but north-westerlies are best aligned with the terrain.

Some more experienced pilots come to try their hand at thermal flying in the mountains. Again, our location allows them to tip toe into the mountains and build their experience and confidence in relative safety.


Weather permitting, winch launching is available 7 days a week from 09:00 to 17:00.  Launching at other times can be arranged, and aerotows are often available.

We have a large trailer park with plenty of room to rig and peg gliders out overnight and very occasionally a space can be found in one of our hangers.

Suitably qualified pilots can fly the club's gliders, subject to availability.


It is essential that visitors book in with the office prior to their visit.  At busy periods we limit the number of visiting gliders to avoid excessive queues at the launch point.

Pilot Supervision

Club expeditions need to bring sufficient instructors to supervise their own pilots.  Any solo pilot who is new to flying at the SGC will require a site check with one of our instructors, or one of the expedition's instructors who has been approved by our CFI.

If a club brings its own glider(s) then it will be responsible for providing adequate supervision of the glider(s) & pilots.

Solo pilots are advised to arrive in time for a site check at the start of their visit.