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The main criteria for acceptance onto the scheme are:

    • being keen to learn to glide
    • being willing to do your share of the work
    • having enough free time and transport to get to the airfield regularly
    • a mature attitude to safety and training
    • determination and perseverance, to repay the SGC for subsidising your training.

Learning to fly is a big commitment and it's important to attend regularly to make progress. You need at least to be aiming at coming once a week, though we accept that bad weather and other commitments mean that won't always be possible.

If you are interested in joining the SGC Cadet Scheme please send an email to, explaining why you would be a good candidate, and including your home address and date of birth.

You will be asked to come for an interview at the airfield with at least one parent or guardian, usually at a weekend. The instructor in charge will explain what's involved and what the SGC expects of cadets, and it's an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

No previous flying experience is required; though experienced young pilots are welcome of course. The club provides full instruction through all stages of the BGA syllabus.

A senior instructor takes responsibility for the Cadet Scheme. Cadets fly during normal "club flying" times - weekends and Tuesdays - putting their names on the flying list like all other members.

During the summer a Cadet Week holiday course is run at no additional charge - just the normal flying fees. This is usually the first full week of July.  We have also run an exchange scheme with the Deeside cadets.

For more detailed scheme guidelines see the Cadet Scheme Description.

The scheme is for 14 to 18 year-olds. If one of your parents (or other close adult relative) is a member you can join at age 13, provided the adult member is always on the airfield with you.