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Local Cross-Country Flight


Unfortunately my own glider was temporarily grounded and I didn't get a club glider until after 2pm.  This was immensely frustrating as conditions were great, plus I had a meeting at 5pm which further limited my time.  As I wouldn't be flying with my moving map I took a good look at where the Balado and Glenfarg Reservoir turnpoints actually were, using information from the BGA turnpoint page and

How I Dunnit

Once I managed to get in the air I flew gently along the Bishop ridge to the gap.  I was in lift the whole way.  On my way back I pushed out due downwind of Kinross.  I found a thermal, continued upwind, found a couple more thermals and eventually reached Balado.  A nice cross-wind leg took me to Glenfarg Reservoir.  On my way back I found a good thermal and tried to reach cloudbase.  I abandoned the attempt at over 5,000' above the airfield!  I continued back to Portmoak, did a second faster circuit and landed shortly before my meeting.

A winner!

This flight is less than 30km long, and won me a trophy for the longest solo flight in a club glider!