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We are the largest gliding club in Scotland based on the shores of Loch Leven near Kinross, and provide year-round flying to our members and many visitors.

Whether you are already an experienced glider pilot or just interested in knowing a bit more about this exhilarating sport, browse through our web pages and if you like what you see, then come along to the club - we would love to meet you.

Whatever Gliding is for you we can make it happen
Ridge Soaring
The simplest form of soaring will allow the most inexperienced pilot to fly indefinitely over the shores of Loch Leven. On a good day, your glider will be able to stay airborne long after the average light aeroplane would run out of fuel.
If you're an adrenalin addict then we have aerobatics courses that will teach you to swoop, loop and dive.
Cross-Country Soaring
For those with a taste for adventure, thermal and wave lift will allow you to fly to the most far flung corners of Scotland - and all without the noise and smell of an engine.
Disability Access
SGU Walking on Air, the SGC's support group for disabled pilots, has a hand controlled glider specially modified to allow wheel chair users exactly the same opportunities as the able bodied.
A Stepping Stone
Many of our members use the skills they have learned in Gliding as the foundation to other forms of Aviation. Not only do they save money by learning the basic skills in a Glider, but they develop a much greater awareness of the weather and terrain in which they are flying. Whilst Light Aircraft and Microlites provide another new challenge for existing Glider Pilots, for most of them Gliding always remains their real passion in Aviation.
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