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Welcome to the Scottish Gliding Centre


With 2020 almost over, the Scottish Gliding Centre is looking ahead to the future, and is planning to re-open to members of the public in the spring/summer of 2021, subject to the success of immunisation against COVID-19.

The club has always welcomed visitors and new pilots alike, and these have been sorely missed over the past year.

We're excited to continue to offer our Learn to Glide package, which will get you well on your way to becoming a solo pilot. Those who have purchased a Learn to Glide package are able to start flying now as this includes full membership of the club for three months.

Flight Experience and Mini Course Vouchers are still available for those who want to give gliding a try, looking for their next thrill, or those just looking to see our beautiful country from the air. There are also week long summer courses available for pre-solo pilots.

Vouchers purchased in 2020 will have extended validity of 18 months.

Those who purchased vouchers in 2019 and who haven't been able to fly due to the pandemic, have had their vouchers extended until the end of 2021.


Members visiting the airfield are asked to comply with health and safety guidance issued by the Scottish Government as well as club policy.

Please ensure you are booked in before arriving at the site.  If you have not booked in then DO NOT travel to the airfield.

Please do not attend the airfield if you have ANY of the following symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • New and continuous cough
  • Loss of taste/sense of smell

Members are required to book on-line if they intend to travel to the airfield for any reason. Numbers on the airfield are limited to a maximum of 30 on any day.


Flight Experience

Flight Experience
Flight Experience

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Mini Course

Full Day Mini Course
Full Day Mini Course

Buy Online

Learn to Glide

Learn To Glide Packages
Learn To Glide Packages

Contact the Office

“Whatever gliding is for you, we can make it happen.”

Ridge Soaring

Soaring on Benarty Hill

This is the simplest form of soaring, and flight is possible for many hours. On a good day, you could be airborne long after an light plane would run out of fuel!


Inverted at the top of a loop

If you’re an adrenalin addict we can teach you to swoop, loop and dive.  Gliders can perform all the same figures that powered aircraft can!

Cross Country

An epic cross-country flight

Using just the energy in the atmosphere, pilots can fly to the furthest flung corners of Scotland and beyond.

Disability Gliding

WoA's adapted glider

Walking On Air is a charity based at the SGC, which provides gliding experiences for those with disabilities.  An adapted glider and clubhouse allows most people with disabilities exactly the same opportunities as the able bodied.

Many of our members use skills they have learnt gliding as the foundation of other forms of aviation. Gliding is a cheaper way of developing basic flying skills, and it develops a greater awareness of weather and terrain. Light aircraft and microlights are another challenge for glider pilots, but gliding usually remains our real passion in aviation.

We welcome individual pilots and expeditions from other clubs in the UK and overseas.  Our location gives opportunities for ridge soaring, thermal and wave flying, and our facilities are second to none.  Booking is required.  Click for more information.

Away to an Expedition
Away to an Expedition
  • Flying 364 days a year, weather permitting.  We don’t fly on Christmas Day;
  • Instruction available 7 days a week;
  • Breakfast and lunch available;
  • Basic accommodation – 5 single rooms, 4 twin rooms;
  • Training for all levels from complete beginners (ab-initio) to Bronze and beyond – a BGA Bronze badge is the gliding equivalent of a PPL;
  • Wheel-chair access to the clubhouse & accommodation.