Cadet Andrew talks about Gliding!

Every year we host a Cadet Week for our younger members to provide an opportunity to focus on their gliding skills. This year, we spoke to Andrew who has benefitted from the program.

I have gained valuable experience, particularly in flight, setting me up well for a career in aviation and I know I will continue gliding for the rest of my life”

Andrew Power

Q – What was the highlight of Cadet Week?

The highlight of cadet week for me was the unforgettable experience of flying for three hours and witnessing a breathtaking sunset. Starting with a winch launch and using thermals and the ridge to soar. Gliding through the skies, I cherished every moment, knowing that I was the sole glider in the air. As the sun began its descent, painting the sky with vibrant hues, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the beauty unfolding before my eyes. It remains one of my most cherished memories of cadet week. Upon landing, to my surprise and delight, a delicious pizza awaited me, adding the perfect finishing touch to an already remarkable day.

Q – Tell us a little bit about your experience in gliding so far?

I’ve been gliding for two years since my 14th birthday. Within three months, I achieved the significant milestone of going solo. In the following year, I successfully obtained my bronze certification and now, this summer, I am dedicated to attaining my cross-country endorsement.

Q – What were the main achievements during Cadet Week for yourself and your fellow cadets?

The cadet week proved to be highly successful as numerous aspiring cadets commenced their flight training, achieving significant progress with several flights under their belt. Furthermore, existing cadets made commendable strides in earning their bronze and cross-country endorsements. I hope to see lots of fellow cadets around the airfield again soon.

Q – What advice would you give other people your age interested in joining the cadet program?

In my personal opinion, the cadet program offers a wealth of valuable experiences beyond flight training. I highly recommend that all cadets actively participate in various tasks to enhance their skills in managing the airfield. By doing so, not only will they improve their abilities, but they will also gain support from others who witness their dedication. Additionally, I firmly believe that maintaining a regular presence at the club plays a vital role in achieving solo flights and expanding one’s social circle. Engaging in the numerous enjoyable social events offered is another recommendation I have for cadets, as it fosters a sense of community and brings immense pleasure to all involved

Q – What have you gained out of being in the Cadet program?

Through my participation in the cadet program, I have gained valuable experience, particularly in flight, setting me up well for a career in aviation and I know I will continue gliding for the rest of my life. Additionally,  the cadet program has also taught me how to communicate with many new people and has equipped me with essential leadership skills for lifelong benefit

If you are between 13 and 17, or know someone who is and would love the opportunity to learn to fly, get in touch with us at the Scottish Gliding Centre.

Spaces available on the Cadet program are limited and we are almost at capacity for 2023, so get in touch now to apply! or 01592 840543