Introducing the Frasers…

cadet ewan

Cadet Ewan’s Story

Just like his father and grandfather, Ewan Fraser has been bitten by the gliding bug.

We caught up with SGC Cadet Ewan at one of his recent visits to Portmoak and he told us his first flight was a gift from his Dad Graham on his 4th birthday. Now 15, Ewan went solo earlier in the year at the age of 14 in the club K21, he is now working towards getting cleared to fly the clubs single seater and starting work on his Bronze endorsement.

When we asked him how had found the training, he had this to say:

“The training has been great, very smooth and easy to follow, the instruction was great.  But the course was challenging and thorough so you really need to want to do it and be committed.”

Inspired to Fly

He credits his father and grandfather with inspiring him to take up the sport but wishes he had more time to devote to it. His father Graham’s gliding story is right here.

“I manage to get to Portmoak once or twice every couple of weeks when I can fit it in around school and other activities.”

Ewan is one of many younger Cadet members at the Scottish Gliding Centre who get the opportunity to be part of an established and friendly club who inspire and advise younger pilots.

“I love gliding, my first flight felt really surreal. The freedom you feel up in the air is unlike anything else and I would totally recommend it to anyone.”