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Joining the SGC

All you need do to join the SGC is visit the office, fill in a membership form and pay your fees (see our current tariff).  You will also need to produce a recent eye test certificate.  Once this is done you are ready to start flying!

Almost everyone can fly

There is no minimum age limit to take lessons but by law you must be at least 14 years old to fly solo.  Because of this we recommend that you should probably not begin learning until you are at least 13 years old. You will need your parent's permission if under 18.

There is no upper age limit, subject only to evidence of a recent eye test and a satisfactory medical condition*.

Gliding is equally suitable for either sex - no particular technical ability or strength is needed to fly a glider.

Broadly speaking, if you are fit enough to drive a car you will be allowed to fly a glider solo.


  • If you are under 25 you can self-declare your medical condition.
  • Otherwise if you have a current EU driving licence that is sufficient.  If you don't have a driving licence then you will need a DVLA medical to fly solo.