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Junior Gliding Centre

Junior Gliding Centre Logo
Junior Gliding Centre Logo

We are proud to be a Junior Gliding Centre and are keen to introduce young people to gliding.  We have a range of membership options for different ages. If you are between 14 and 18 you may be able to join our Cadet Scheme, which provides an exceptionally good deal.

For those aged between 18 and 21 we have a “young member” category, with reduced subscription rate.  If you are in full-time education the age limit goes up to 25.

See our tariff for details.

University Gliding

The club offers block membership deals to university clubs, and Edinburgh University Gliding Club has operated in partnership with us in this way for over 50 years. If you are at a university that doesn’t currently have a gliding club you may find useful ideas on the BGA Junior Gliding site, or you can join as an individual as described above.

RAF Cadets

For many years the RAF Air Cadets have held summer camps at Portmoak. The JGC scheme was originally set up by the BGA particularly with Air Cadets in mind, as a transition for members of the RAF scheme who wanted to continue with gliding. If you are an ex-member of the Air Cadets you will be very welcome at the SGC whatever your age.  If you are under 25 (and in education) you will be eligible for reduced subscription rates as explained above.

SGC Cadet Scheme

BGA Junior Gliding Website

UK Junior Gliding on Facebook

Edinburgh University Gliding Club

Edinburgh University Gliding Club on Facebook