New Instructor at SGC!

Reiner SGC Instructor

Introducing Reiner. Our newest Instructor.

Reiner grew up in Germany with gliding in his genes. His father was also a glider pilot and instructor, and under his influence, Reiner began gliding at the age of 14. 

By 17 he had his licence and soon joined the Airforce arm of the Bundeswehr as a commissioned officer. He became an instructor in not only gliding, but also in powered flight. 

After leaving the Air Force, he took on an interim role with DASSU Unterwössen – The German Alpine Gliding School – as tug pilot and instructor. Far from being a stopgap, that career blossomed, and within 7 years he was CFI and Flight Ops Manager. 

He returned to University after 17 years with DASSU Unterwössen and took a Masters in Business and Economic Education. He worked then in the aviation and airship industries as a Quality Compliance and Safety Manager until his early retirement in 2021, when he and his Scottish wife returned to Scotland. 

Reiner has 4 children, two adult daughters,  also living in Scotland, and two younger girls at primary school.

With over 5700 hours of flying, as well as his previous roles in the Air Force and his industry experience, he was welcomed warmly to the Scottish Gliding Centre and we are delighted to have him on board!